French Creole Colonial District Mid Mississippi River Valley    
      Historic River Road Mansion        
Beautiful & Elegant Ten Acre Estate on the bluff's of the Mississippi River Valley

8 miles South of Downtown Ste. Genevieve along the Great River Road

Area Includes Ste. Genevieve County Wineries & Vineyards · Historic Creole District · Antiques

Spend your Ste. Genevieve Getaway in Luxury

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White Cliff Manor Bed & Breakfast
Commands Magnificent views of Historic Kaskaskia Island settled by French Jesuit Missionaries
in 1703.


         White Cliff Manor Bed & Breakfast
Belongs to her guests and continues to exude the aura of period elegance and hospitality not found in many
Bed & Breakfast.


Luxurious Guest Rooms · Deluxe Breakfast Service

Romantique & Historique · Ste. Genevieve County · Missouri  
 One of a kind authentic Ste. Genevieve Bed & Breakfast experience offering
Special Accommodations for Special Occasions.

Call today for reservations - 573-543-5445 


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